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The Nightclub Promoter Guide Promoter's Handbook

Welcome to "The Nightclub Promoter Guide", we are so excited that you've shown interest in the nightlife industry and by purchasing this book you have taken the first steps towards launching your career. We hope to guide you to the level of success you are seeking by giving you a step-bystep guide, and the resources that you will need along the way.

You have to understand that not everyone automatically possesses these qualities, but they are all obtainable and we will show you how to obtain them. Whether promoting is something you want to do part-time while in college for some extra spending money or as a career in which you can make over $100,000.00 a year in, this is the perfect opportunity for both. There are so many amazing opportunities and career options once you decide to get into the nightlife industry.

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Not only are these tools usefull for promoting, there is also useful promotional tools to help almost any business in the social sphere.

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Professionally written, over 125 pages packed full of educational material from experienced professionals.

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Tons of bonus free resources, this comes without even buying the book we will show you tips and tricks to jumpstart your business.

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Everything you need to know in a nice small computer and mobile device friendly PDF document.

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The book covers all aspects of promotion, the social, political, economical, and personal sides of being in the promotion business.


Getting Paid to Play

By purchasing this book it is clear that promoting is something that you are interested in pursuing, which is fantastic because promoting is an exceptional career choice. The opportunities available to nightclub promoters are endless and the experience is priceless. On top of that, you get paid to play! Think about it like this; you already go out to bars and nightclubs, when you get there you buy drinks and socialize with people at the venue you are at. Why not get paid to do that exact same thing? Get paid to network with people who share similar interests as you, get paid to bring people with you to have a good time, get paid to have drinks at a bar (often times those drinks are even free), get paid to dance with beautiful people, and most importantly get paid to have a good time with good people. The number of people who go out to bars and nightclubs worldwide is staggering and it reflects people's passion for having a good time, we as people naturally are attracted to nightlife. The excitement and thrill of meeting new people mixed with drinking and dancing is something that everyone can relate too. So why not get paid to play?


About Paid to Play

Paid to Play Entertainment Group is an exclusive event planning and nightlifeHpromoting agency located in the heart of Southern California. Paid to Play offers a diversified event planning and promoting service to meet various business needs. From venue booking and guest list management to graphic design and advertisement; Paid to Play Media can take care of all of our clients needs. With new innovations in event planning and marketing strategies, the group brings a new height of professionalism previously unseen in conventional nightlife promotion groups.

Driven with a vision to provide top quality marketing and media solutions to our clients, our services entail cutting edge photography solutions and videography production, as well as marketing strategies for topHnotch mega events. We pride ourselves in using our vast social media knowledge and online presence to expand the luxury lifestyle that our events produce.

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